What's New I v.4.4

Custom Filters in Admin 


    Admin can add filters to a products and these filters can be variants and attributes, using which Customers can filter products.


Attribute Groups

An attribute group is the group of attributes by the help of which product is created. You can create an attribute group and can manage all the product features in a group. Attribute group is the collection of all product features. Before creating an attribute, you have to create an attribute group and later map the added attribute to a group.

Attributes - Storefront

All the product features, which are attributes added by the Admin will be available for view to the Customers on the Storefront.

Add Attributes - Admin

Different attributes or product features can be added under an attribute group. For example, for the attribute group laptop, the attributes can be generation, Operating system, etc.


The Admin can create different widgets like top selling products, top selling mobile phones, Women's day deals and so on and then map products to the widgets. This will appear on the home page.