Change Log I v.4.7

The list gives you the complete overview on newly added features, updates and enhancements in Spurtcommerce v.4.7 release. The changes are listed and also tell you if the particular change is a newly added feature or a fixed issue or an enhancement of update to an existing feature.


  • Bulk export and bulk delete option. - Added -  (Admin  Panel )
  • Filtering the list page based on active and inactive coupons - Added - (Admin Panel)
  • In Marketplace, enabling of Today's deals and Featured Products for Vendor Products. - Added - (Vendor Panel)
  • Number of star ratings list - Added - (Storefront)
  • In marketplace, under vendor product, the tax value was not capturing and this issue is fixed Fixed - (Admin Panel)
  • In marketplace, under add product, the shipping values was not capturing and this issue is fixed.. - Fixed - (Admin)
  • The product variants' min and max condition was not working and it has been fixed. Fixed - (Store)
  • The overall performance.- Updated - (Storefront).
  • Once the Variant has been mapped to a Vendor product, the variant cannot be deleted by Admin - Updated - (Admin).
  • The Category slug and Blog Slug has been brought in the create forms - Updated - (Admin).
  • List of Vendor Products in Vendor detail page.. - Updated - (Admin).
  • Restricting the percentage to 100, if the coupon value has been chosen with percentage.. - Updated (Admin & Vendor)
  • No Internet page has been incorporated - Updated - (Overall).