Become Development Partner to Spurtcommerce

Spurtcommerce team receives customization orders from merchants across the world every day. If you're interested in getting such development inquiries and work, you can register your Developer Profile in Spurtcommerce Community. We'll showcase your profile in our Community - Developer Program Page.


How can existing users get registered into Developer Program?


Here's a step-by-step guide that explains how to enroll into Developer program, if you are already registered in our Spurtcommerce Commiunity.


1. Visit -

2. Go to Developer Program Section

3. Click on 'Create Profile'.

4. Enter First Name and Last Name

5. Select your Designation from the drop down

6. Select your Country from the drop down

7. Enter your Job Title

8. Enter your hourly rate (the rate you will charge for your services)

9. Add Skills - You can start typing skills and also choose from available suggestions.

10. Fill in the section - About Myself - This is an open ended text box, where you can completely description about yourself, your skills and capabilities, your potential and how you are different from other Developers and why should Business Owners give you customization work. 

11. Add photo to your profile - it is recommended as it will prove you profile genuine



How can New Users get registered into Developer Program?


If you are totally a new user - registering for the first time in to Spurtcommerce Community, then, this is what you have to do to enroll in to the Developer Program.


1. Visit

2. Click on 'Create Account'.

3. Fill in your First Name, Last Name, Email and Country. 

4. On submitting, you will receive an email to download the community edition. 




5. You can check your email and download the Community Edition. 

For registering into Developer Program, 

6. Come back to -

7. Enter your Email Id that is associated with your account in Spurtcommerce Community. 

8. Click on 'Forgot Password'. 

9. Enter the same email address and this is where you will be receiving the 'Reset Password' Link.


10. You will receive an email to 'Reset your Password'.

11. Follow the instructions in the email and Reset your Password. 

12. Come back to the URL of Spurtcommerce Community  and login with your email id and password. 

13. Then, follow the same instructions as provided in the section - How can existing users get registered into Developer Program?