Swaraj Shop - An Indian Traditional and ethnic Jewellery Multi-Vendor Marketplace was customized on top of Spurtcommerce

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Spurtcommerce multi vendor marketplace Swaraj shop

December 7th 2021 - Spurtcommerce team gets an email from one of the prospects Mr. Mangesh Shinde- Founder of Swaraj Shop that is into selling Traditional and Ethnic Artificial Jewellery. Swaraj Shop was earlier developed on Magento and it was a single vendor marketplace. Mr. Mangesh Shinde, who had the urge to expand his operations, decided to make Swaraj Shop a Multi-Vendor Marketplace. During the meeting with Spurtcommerce team, Mr. Mangesh explained that scalability is a major concern for him and that is the sole reason, why he wants to choose NodeJS based solution for his Multi-Vendor marketplace, over any other PHP based solutions. 

After the demo session, Mr. Mangesh said, he would come back to us, post a thorough analysis of how Spurtcommerce can assure scalability. He said, he knew a Developer, who can deploy the Spurtcommerce Community Edition. Only after validating and getting a guarantee on the speed, performance and scalability, he would decide on the purchase of Spurtcommerce.

December 21st 2021 – On this fine day, when he decides that he wants to go with Spurtcommerce for his Multi-Vendor Marketplace, he writes an email confirming his decision. On the same day he signs the agreement for the purchase of Spurtcommerce. He decided to purchase the Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solution with Web and Mobile App Storefront.

December 22nd 2021 – Post payment for the Solution, he owns the Source Code. He provides his server credentials and seeks help from the Spurtcommerce team to deploy the solution for Swaraj Shop – both web Storefront and Mobile App on Android and iOS.

After Sale Support

Swaraj Shop’s older website on Magento was SEO friendly and was performing well on Google. In Angular Universal, keeping up with the same level of performance was quite a challenge. Spurtcommerce team did an in-depth research to find ways and means to make sure that Swaraj Shop’s SEO did not get compromised in any manner. The team took up every task that was suggested by the SEO expert from Swaraj Shop’s team, researched on how it can be implemented in Angular Universal and executed it to make it work just the way it was expected.


Swaraj Shop wanted some of the unique customizations, which were not available by default in the Solution. Spurtcommerce team helped and offered all the customization services that Mr. Mangesh wanted for his Swaraj Shop. The Spurtcommerce team stepped into their shoes to understand the expectations of the Client and implemented it in the same manner.


There are many other Customers, who purchased our solution. However, we are particularly happy for having associated with Swaraj Shop and Mr. Mangesh Shinde as there has been a lot of interaction between the Client and the Spurtcommerce team. Also, the Spurtcommerce team is offering a continued support that is expected to go long term with more customizations for Swaraj Shop.