Spurtcommerce has established 12 Rules and proper flow during the Development

by Admin

A good work is as important as a good planning. And, this is the best quote that I can think of as of now, as far as this article is concerned. Project planning and structuring is important. However, executing the project in the best manner, with implications of all the coding and architecture standards is the key. I would say, this is one of the most difficult stages of development and at the same time, the most significant too.

A poor architecture can ruin the entire project, resulting in:

· Unreadable and messy code, that will make the entire development process longer and also making the entire product, extremely difficult to test.

· Unnecessary repetition, leading to difficulty in maintaining and managing the code.

· Making implementation of new features almost impossible, due to a poor structure that is totally messy with the underlying code itself being a real problem.

Keeping the above mentioned points in mind, my team and I decided that the architecture in Spurtcommerce is highly important. I would like to list out a few points to say that the architecture we have used in Spurtcommerce is the best:

· A clean and an easily readable code.

· Achievedreusability in pieces of code across our application.

· Eliminated repetitions.

· Made adding a new feature and customization as easy and to the maximum extent.

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