''A Boon for Developers'' - Spurtcommerce can help Developers build top-notch eCommerce Applications. Know how

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Today, open source has become an absolute necessity for Developers across the globe. Most of the Developers, use an open source solution for one or more of their Clients' requirements. E-Commerce, inventory, accounting. manufacturing, contact management, customer relationship management are some of the top areas, where Developers use an Open source solution to develop Applications.

Let us now take eCommerce sector and discuss, how an open source solution can play a significant role in developing top-notch applications. Open source eCommerce solutions are not new in the IT Industry. They have been in the industry for over a decade now. PHP is one of the popular technologies, on which many open source solutions were built. The best examples are Open Cart and Magento. However, we ware evidencing that Developers today are admiring modern technologies that can build faster eCommerce Applications than what PHP technology can build.

Spurtcommerce is one of them, that is an open source eCommerce platform, built on the latest technologies of Node.js and Angular. The article talks about the benefits of using Spurtcommerce to the Developers, for their eCommerce Development projects.

Fully Open Source

Many of us are under an impression that open source is what is available for free and we directly link it with being available for free of cost. However, free doesn't just mean free of cost. Free means the freedom to get complete access to the source code, a freedom where, you are not bound by any license, like it is in a proprietary software and the freedom to modify the code for your own requirement.

Having said about full freedom, Spurtcommerce comes with complete source code. The Community Edition of Spurtcommerce comes free of cost too.

Buy Full Source Code

While the Community Edition that is available for free of cost, has only  the minimal features. We have other two Editions - Spurtcommerce Developers' Lite Edition comes with more features and Spurtcommerce 'Pro' Edition comes with all the standard features of a full-fledged eCommerce Application.

On purchase of Spurtcommerce Developers' Lite Edition or 'Pro' Edition, you will be buying the entire source code. When using the source code, you have the freedom to dive deep into the code of the solution and tweak it the way you wish to and completely, for your specific needs. You may also fork it if you want to see it in a different way and modify it limitlessly. However, you will be allowed to do all these under the Spurtcommerce Developers' Lite Edition and 'Pro' Edition license that states that you can modify the source for your own use or for your Client's exclusive requirement. However, you cannot sell the modified source to others.

Full Support from the Spurt Community

Behind every open source software, there is a supporting Community that aimed towards making the solution thrive.  And, when a lot of people join hands together to make the product popular, it creates a synergy.

Developers within the Spurt Community are always motivated towards what they do and they love peer recognition, which guarantees high standards in their work with aspiration to create the best, along with simplicity and easy maintainability of the solution. This is the primary reason, why Spurtcommerce is constantly becoming functional, reliable, secure and bug free.

The Spurt Community behind Spurtcommerce is a great factor on its own. The members of the Community are highly enthusiastic and energetic, answering queries, initiating discussions and addressing concerns. When you begin using Spurtcommerce for your eCommerce development, you can bank on the Community that will help you throughout, to make eCommerce development as seamless for you.  Visit community.spurtcommerce.com to know more.

Automated Deployment

The NodeJS Framework's architecture is highly compatible for automated deployment services that are available in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud or Azure. For example, AWS Elastic Beanstalk makes it easier for developers to quickly deploy and manage applications in the AWS Cloud. Developers simply upload their application, and Elastic Beanstalk automatically handles the deployment. In the similar manner, Azure and Google Cloud also offers services for automatic deployment. And, the architecture in NodeJS framework well supports this process.

Spurtcommerce NodeJS API for eCommerce Front end of any technology

Spurtcommerce API built on NodeJS can be used for any eCommerce front end, built on any technology like React JS or Vue JS too. The Spurtcommerce Backend API can be used for any Hybrid Mobile Apps and Native Apps for eCommerce too. Although Spurtcommerce Front end is built on Angular technology, the Backend API built on NodeJS can be flexibly used for any eCommerce front end of various web and mobile technologies. Also, we have a complete documentation on how to effectively use Spurtcommerce API. Here's the link - https://spurtcommerce.com/nodejs-shoppingcart-ecommerce-api

Life Time Free Updates

Your purchase of Spurtcommerce Developers' Lite Edition or 'Pro' Edition is one time investment. The team behind Spurtcommerce is constantly striving to bring improvements to the solution. The solution keeps getting updated every now and then and newer versions keep getting released. On every new release, you shall be intimated and you shall be able to upgrade your existing eCommerce Applications built on older version of Spurtcommerce, to the newer version. However, kindly remember that, one license of 'Developers Lite' Edition or 'Pro' Edition, shall be used for one domain only. For every new domain, you shall buy a new license.

Save Development Time and Cost

Spurtcommerce comes with all the standard features of an eCommerce website. You may straight away tweak the solution for your eCommerce business need. While if you have to develop an eCommerce website from the scratch, it can be time consuming, incurring cost on development efforts. Also, with flexibility to integrate an Add-on, in case you want an additional feature that Spurtcommerce doesn't have and also omit an existing feature in Spurtcommerce that you don't need for your eCommerce requirement, things become easy and hassle-free for you.

If you develop an eCommerce website from the scratch, you will need minimum of 3 months to complete both design and development work, with a team of Backend Developer, Front end Developer, One Designer and a Tester. With Spurtcommerce, you can develop in one-third time, although it is subject to how much of customization you will doing to the solution, to tweak it according to your requirement.

Wrapping Up

Above all, You will get enough support from the Spurt Community. In addition, the team that developed Spurtcommerce are actively offering support by answering queries in the Community. Also, should you require extra support, the Spurt team can provide you premium support. To know more, you may write to support@spurtcommerce.com