How to easily implement Alexa Skill based Voice E-Commerce that offers better Customer Experience

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Spurtcommerce team can take your ecommerce business to the next level of advancement with voice ecommerce through Alexa skill development. Know how.

Do you know that 72% of the Customers use voice assistants for their shopping purpose? Also, 25% among them have made the entire purchase and transaction through their digital voice assistants. The latter might look like a small percentage that might put you in a thought if voice commerce is a necessity. However, it surely evidences the future trend of eCommerce - the Voice Commerce.


Voice Commers is gaining a lot of popularity and it is considered to become one of the largest means of online shopping experience for customers. Especially with the competition you are now facing in the eCommerce industry, voice commerce can certainly give you a good edge to stay ahead of your competitors.


What is Voice Commerce with Alexa Dot?

It is the voice commands that the Customer gives to the Voice Assistant - Alexa, for browsing, searching and filtering products on eCommerce website.

Once the product is finalized, the Customer can also move to the next level - the purchase - through voice commands. Yes, these are definitely achievable, where Customers may not have to depend on laptops for mobile advices. They can simply use their voice commands to Alexa and make a transaction on your eCommerce website and complete their online purchase.


Spurtcommerce team has expertise in Alexa Skill Development, through which we can take your eCommerce business into Alexa device. Here’s an example on how it can be implemented for your eCommerce business.


Example of how voice commerce can work on Alexa dot device:

Let's say the name of the eCommerce website is ABC, which is into selling Men's Clothing and Apparels.

Alexa, open ABC.

Alexa says, Welcome to ABC! You are at one of the most popular websites, where you can shop for branded Men's Clothing and Apparels. How would you want me to help you now?


Alexa, I'm looking for Men's Formal Shirts

Great! You are at the Men's formal shirts section. We have top branded Formal Shirts that include - Arrow, Louis Phillippe, Peter England, Allen Solly and Zodiac. In which brand are you looking for?


I'm looking for a blue striped Shirt.

Alright, are you looking for vertical stripes or horizontal stripes in blue formal shirt?


I'm looking for vertical striped.

Great, I now understand that you are looking for a Vertical Striped Blue Formal Shirt.


I have your choice in Louis Phillippe and Zodiac brands.


Which brand are you looking at for your purchase?

Louis Phillippe

Alright, you are looking for a vertical striped Blue Formal shirt in Louis Phillippe brand. In which size are you looking for in this?

Size 42.

Great, I think I have the right product with me to show you. Here you go.... (Alexa shows the product on the Mobile App)

The Customer can place an order now.


Key Benefits

The Voice Commerce gives a hilarious experience to your customers, motivating them to engage with your eCommerce Portal in a better and a more enhanced manner.

  • Your customers will emotionally connect with your eCommerce store, as they are able to talk and get response through a voice assistant – Alexa.
  • It reduces the efforts of the Customers to a great extent.
  • It is also fun to use and Customers might end up making this as the main means for shopping in your eCommerce store.


Wrapping Up:

The Spurtcommerce team comprises of experts in Alexa Skill Development. Also, with extensive experience in the domain of eCommerce, we can help you take your ecommerce business to the next level of advancement in the eCommerce industry by bringing the trending voice commerce. To enquire about voice commerce implementation in your eCommerce, write to