Why is NodeJS eCommerce the best for Multi-Vendor Portal or Online Multi-Merchant Marketplace

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Node js ecommerce multi vendor

We have already discussed in one of our old blog articles that technically how NodeJS stands out from other technologies. We have already spoke that NodeJS can increase the speed of the eCommerce Platform over 10 times and the platforms built on NodeJS doesn't get slower, even with unlimited product uploads. Node js  eCommerce Platforms can have load time of as less as 3 to 4 seconds. Further when it comes to Multi-Vendor Market Place, the platform needs to be even more high performing than single vendor. So, let's discuss why an Online Market Place has to be developed using NodeJS.

Usually the Owners of Multi-Vendor market place don't sell products. They are usually the Online Entrepreneurs, who offer a market place for various sellers and vendors, through their Multi-Vendor Platform, which is also called Multi-Vendor Market Place.

Multi-Vendor Market place is certainly not a new concept. The solution for developing such platforms have been in the industry for over 15 years now. However, most of them are built on PHP technology, the examples are Magento and Open Cart and there are many others.

When this concept of Multi-Vendor newly emerged, there were not many online buyers. The use of online means for purchasing and the use of smart phones weren't prevalent much then. PHP is certainly a very popular technology and most of the applications in the online space are built on this amazing technology. However, with increasing number of online users and with increasing traffic to eCommerce platforms, the applications built on PHP are getting slower.

This is because, PHP although is good for a small scale to medium scale eCommerce businesses, it is not scalable for large scale eCommerce operations, especially Multi-Vendor, where a business owner can expect a huge traffic, given that there are many sellers selling a lot of products, leaving a lot of options for the buyers.

The usual problems that occur in a PHP based eCommerce platforms are:

·       - PHP Code being unable to perform;

·      -  The database queries being unable to perform; and

·       - Loading of files taking a lot of time

You might think that increasing the server capacity can help you. However, this will result in huge expense, without much of help.

The best option would be to move to newer and futuristic technologies like Golang ecommerce and NodeJS ecommerce and Angular ecommerce. If eCommerce platforms are built on these technologies, they can just perform awesome. Because, these technologies are highly scalable. While you can keep it to the minimum when the business is small, you can keep expanding your eCommerce operations, as your business grows. With increasing traffic and continuous data, the server automatically gets expanded to serve the needs. NodeJS is also compatible for Cloud servers like AWS.

So, if you are planning on a venture for Multi-Vendor eCommerce Market place, NodeJS is something that surely needs to be explored and adopted.

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