Changing eCommerce Technologies in the Upcoming Years

by Admin

The continuous eCommerce booms arechallenging the brands with tougher competition that requires smart investmentsfor better opportunities.Apart from aeye-catchy and trending eCommerce storefront, you need to have technologies integrated that can satisfy your demanding customers. Investing more on the latest eCommerce trends and technologies will become more common in the upcoming years

Let us look at some of the significant trends that we can expect in the upcoming years in the eCommerce businesses.

Making digital commerce more live

Among some of the innovations that happened during pandemic in the eCommerce industry, one of them is the live interaction of suppliers or vendors directly with the Customers, by way of a video. Many small retailers wanted to show customers the live demo of the product through video. This became one of the popular means of digital commerce through YouTube and Facebook Live. These platforms let people to see, for example, a dress fit or to ask about the sizes.  The links to the relevant product were readily made available, where people could click and visit the product detail page, in order to make an informed decision on purchase.

This means gave way to better customer satisfaction and experience as the customer felt they are physically shopping in a mall or a shop, where the representative is guiding them with all the required information about the product. Live video is becoming more common these days and this will definitely be one of the most preferred features in the eCommerce portal in the upcoming years.


A more enhanced inventory management

Supply chain had become one of the main concerns in the eCommerce conversions in the year 2021 and 2022. Brands faced a tough time making decisions on maintaining the stock/inventory – if they should maintain a large quantity of inventory and what if it goes waste when there are no conversions. At the same time, they should not face the risk of shortage that results in delivery delay.

Inventory management is one of the most critical aspects in eCommerce and stores should find smart means to manage this in as little budget as possible.

In upcoming years, we can expect an increased adoption of technologies that will help eCommerce businesses easily manage inventory. Some of them can be effective order management tools that can predict sales volume.

eCommerce companies may also look for technologies that can give them more access to the carriers and order fulfilment. Some of the tools may be what controls the data, provides them up to date information on finding the partner, who automates elements like delivery of tracking details.


An eye on the devices that your customers use for purchase

The dominance of mobile shopping has been there for over a decade now and it is continuing to last as the trend. According to Oberlo,roughly $3 out of every $4 in eCommerce purchases happens on a mobile device. The numbers of mobile shoppers are increasing and the adoption of mobile payments are also becoming more common.

In upcoming years, enhancement of mobile experiences will continue. This is the only way customer experience can be improved. For a better customer experience, technology perse, we will need to have eCommerce portals that are headless and API-driven. The eCommerce portals that have tightly coupled front end and back end will be rigid for any changes that has to be brought in the storefront for a better customer experience.

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