13 Benefits - Why should Developers use Spurtcommerce for their eCommerce Development

by Admin

Today, open source has become an absolute necessity for every organization across the globe. Most of the organizations, even be it for any one of their automating requirements within the enterprise, use  open source software. Telecommunication systems, inventory, accounting. manufacturing, contact management, customer relationship management are some of the top areas, where organizations rely on an open source software.

''Piccosoft Software Labs India (P) Limited is one of the fastest growing Web and Mobile App Development Service Provider in India, who trusted in open source and believed in the future of open source. Today, they are one of the top growing organizations in India that has successfully built Web Applications in various domain, exclusively by using open source technologies.''

Having said that, eCommerce is one sector where, from last decade, different innovative minds have been coming up with open source ecommerce platforms, using different open source technologies. Spurtcommerce is one of them, that is an open source eCommerce platform, built on the latest technologies of Node.js and Angular. The article talks about the benefits of using Spurtcommerce and the open source eCommerce software to the Developers, for their Development projects, in general.

Before moving on to the benefits of Spurtcommerce, let's clearly understand what is open source.

Many of us are under an impression that open source is what is available for free and we directly link it with being available for free of cost. However, free doesn't just mean free of cost. Free means the freedom to get complete access to the source code, freedom where, you are not bound by any license, like it is in a proprietary software and the freedom to modify the code for your own requirement.

Having said about full freedom, let us now get into the depth of benefits of using Spurtcommerce, to the Developers.


Behind every open source software, there is a supporting Community that aimed towards making the solution thrive.  And, when a lot of people join hands together to make the product popular, it creates a synergy.

Developers within the Spurt Community are always motivated towards what they do and they love peer recognition, which guarantees high standards in their work with aspiration to create the best, along with simplicity and easy maintainability of the solution. This is the primary reason, why Spurtcommerce is constantly becoming functional, reliable, secure and bug free.

The Spurt Community behind Spurtcommerce is a great factor on its own. The members of the Community are highly enthusiastic and energetic, answering queries, initiating discussions and addressing concerns. When you begin using Spurtcommerce for your eCommerce development, you can bank on the Community that will help you throughout, to make eCommerce development as seamless for you.  Visit community.spurtcommerce.com to know more.

Legal Freedom

Spurtcommerce comes with complete source code. When using Spurtcommerce, you have the freedom to dive deep into the code of the solution and tweak it the way you wish to and completely, for your specific needs. You may also fork it if you want to see it in a different way and modify it limitlessly and for free. However, you will be allowed to do all these under the open source license that states that you can modify a open source software for your own use or for your Client's exclusive requirement. However, you cannot sell the modified software to others.

Save Development Speed and Cost

Spurtcommerce comes with all the standard features of an eCommerce website. You may straight away tweak the solution for your eCommerce business need. While if you have to develop an eCommerce website from the scratch, it can be time consuming, incurring cost on development efforts. Also, with flexibility to integrate a plug in, in case you want an additional feature that Spurtcommerce doesn't have and also omit an existing feature in Spurtcommerce that you don't need for your eCommerce requirement, things easy and hassle-free for you.

If you develop an eCommerce website from the scratch, you will need minimum of 3 months to complete both design and development work, with a team of Backend Developer, Front end Developer, One Designer and a Tester. With Spurtcommerce, you can develop in one-third time, although it is subject to how much of customization you will doing to the solution, to tweak it according to your requirement.

New and Latest Technology

Having built on NodeJS and Angular, the futuristic technologies that are reliable for next 10 years, you will be putting your step forward towards eCommerce development with the latest and trending technology, which itself will boost demand for your services among your Customers.

Build Speedier and High Performing Applications

Node.js, with its asynchronous programming feature, can make the eCommerce website you develop using Spurtcommerce, 10 x faster with quick page load time, with as less as 4 seconds . You will be making your Customers happy by delivering a high performing eCommerce application.

Flexibility for Mobile App Development

Spurtcommerce also has its Mobile App version for eCommerce, if your Customer is asking for a Mobile App as well, along with the eCommerce website. Also, you can have your Customers use the same backend for managing both Mobile App and the website.


It might sound controversial if I say Spurtcommerce  is more reliable due to its availability for free. However, it is significant with number of people using the software, as it results in multiple and constant validation of the solution for bugs and quickly fixing them.

Since more eyes will be constantly looking at the code and reporting it, it will be fixed within no time. Also, with Spurt Community supporting it to make it the top and the most popular open source eCommerce solution, Spurtcommerce is becoming free from bugs and it is also stepping forward in becoming a security indicator with no vulnerabilities, on its own.


The architecture of Spurtcommerce supports the growth of eCommerce business with a scalable set up. With growing business of your Client, you will have complete flexibility to either expand the eCommerce application or keep it to the minimum, if your Client's business is a Start-up. Then, you may gradually expand with their growing business.

Reuse the Code

The code within the Spurtcommerce solution has been written by experienced Spurt Team, after a thorough R&D done by them. The code is bug free, clean, easily readable and maintainable. Also, that the code is publicly accessible, available for anybody, it can also be used for any other requirement other than eCommerce development, for developing various applications for which you intend to use NodeJS technology. You may flexibly use the coding structure in Spurtcommerce for other projects with complete flexibility to take whatever you like, without touching whatever you may not need.

Learning Experience for Developers

Having already said that the code has been meticulously written after a thorough R&D from the Spurt Team, comprising of highly experienced Developers, it serves as a good knowledge sharing base with code written following the best practices of NodeJS and highest industry standards for the Developers.

Proven experience with Clients

The Spurt Team has already tried and tested Spurtcommerce for their Clients' eCommerce requirements, that resulted in a lightning fast and 10x speedier eCommerce website with as less load time. The team proved that they can build eCommerce application in as less time, suiting the budget need of their Clients. So, Developers across the world, who wish to develop an eCommerce website with the Node technology, with as less development time and cost can just bank on Spurtcommerce, without a second thought.

Supporting new ideas

Spurt Community can offer you an extended support to help you provide the best services to your Clients. If your Client requires an additional feature, which Spurtcommerce doesn't already have: it could be drop shipping feature, or an option of gift wrapping for the product, you may share it in the Community. The Spurt team shall analyze and offer you with the implementation of the new idea into the solution.

Abundant Support

You will get enough support from the Spurt Community. In addition, the team that developed Spurtcommerce are actively offering support by answering queries in the Community. Also, should you require extra support, the Spurt team can provide you premium support. To know more, you may write to support@spurtcommerce.com