Implementation of some of the key features in eCommerce Portal

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There are some features that appear quite common ones for any eCommerce portal. But how they are planned, structured and implemented in the eCommerce portal would make a big difference. In this blog article, let us discuss a few of such features that can be properly implemented with the right work flow in an eCommerce portal.


Promotions play a major role in eCommerce portal. Having this feature is mandatory as it attracts Customers, persuades them to make purchases, thus increasing good sales and revenue to the eCommerce portal. Let us see how in the best manner this feature can be implemented. This feature can be a part of the admin control panel in a multi-Vendor eCommerce portal. And, the flow can be a mostly like this:

  • In the admin control pane, a provision can be provided for creating a promotion like ‘Hot summer offer’ or ‘Christmas sale’, etc
  • The admin should be able to map certain selected products to the promotions that they create.
  • The admin should be able to map one whole category for the promotions that they create.
  • An attractive title for that promotion. E.g., stylish women deal should be a provision. Once created, it should appear on the home page in an attractive manner. And, Customers should be able to navigate to relevant product detail page or category page through that promotion on the home page.

Related Products

This is another feature in the eCommerce portal that we all know is important. This feature can be implemented in the admin panel so that they can map any product that is listed on the eCommerce portal, either admin products or vendor products, to a particular product. Let us look at how the work flow for this can be:

  • In the add product form in the admin, an option for adding related product to a particular product can be provided.
  • The admin can select products – one or more from the drop down and map related products to a main product in order to show Customers similar products for what they are looking for. E.g., For Dell laptop, related products can be HP or MacBook Pro.
  • The Customers should be able to view related products on the product detail page of the main product.
  • The Customers should be able to navigate to the detailed page of related products from the main product’s detail page.

Quotation Requests

This is one of the most important features, especially in a B2B eCommerce, where Customers prefer to interact with the Vendor or the Supplier before making a purchase. This is important if the eCommerce business cares that a customer should make an informed decision and get the best deal in order to make a sensible purchase from the eCommerce portal. This feature will allow any Customer to raise a query or ask for the best quote for a particular purchase. Let us look at how it can be implemented in the best manner:

  • The Vendor/Supplier or the Admin should be able to enable or disable the feature for the quotation request for a particular product, from their control panel.
  • The quotation request form should be available in the Product detail page for the Customer to easily fill and initiate an interaction with the Vendor or Supplier.
  • When the Customer fills the quotation request, the vendor/supplier or the eCommerce adminshould get a notification and they should be able to view the details of the request.

Rating and Review

Having Ratings and Reviews for Products is one of the must have features in eCommerce portal. Ratings and Reviews help increase the credibility of the products and legitimacy of the eCommerce portal. Also, ratings and reviews serve as the best tool for the Customers to make an informed decision before making a purchase. A study finds that on an average a product is 270% more likely to sell when it has a good number or ratings and reviews. Let us now look at how it can be implemented in the best manner and also how the Online Reputation Management (ORM) should also be a feature associated with this.

  • The Customer can provide star rating for the products in eCommerce portal.
  • The Customer can also add a comment to the products in order to share their good experience while using the product.
  • The vendors/suppliers and admin should be able to moderate the reviews. They should be able to have control on whether to display a review or not to the public.
  • The Customers should be able to report abuse if a review has inappropriate content or language that can offend the public.
  • The reviews should get displayed in the product detail page.
  • Display of number of 5 stars, 4 stars, 3 stars, 2 stars and 1-star ratings should be a feature.
  • Display of aggregate/overall rating should also be a feature.


The above ones are some of the critical features that we have discussed about. In the next article, we will come up with the discussion on more features. Meanwhile, you may schedule a demo to know about the features and work flow in our Multi-Vendor Solution, using the link -