How to keep your Online Marketplace always buzzing

by Admin

One of the greatest threat for every eCommerce business is losing out on Customers to their competitors. This is even more true with not able to know what your competitors are up to, if they are progressing and if you are lagging behind and so on. When such is the scenario, then, how do you keep your Online Market Place alive? Here are a few important tips that can help you in not only saving your business, but also to grow it better than your competitors. Lets now go through them.

Be active on Social Media

Get out there and give it your everything! Try not to sit back trusting that your eCommerce business will get some buzz and burn through valuable time. Keep it alive by being dynamic through social media networking and constantly connect with potential customers. Rather than sitting and waiting for the visitors, send a message to all your followers of your Facebook  or Instagram page. Post about an attractive discount you are willing to offer or post about a new product that is now live on the online market place. The point is to keep shouting out that you are here in the market. If one doesn't do this, their brand will not be remembered by the customers. 

Keep in touch with your Customers

You should always be interactive with your Customers. You can send them greetings and wishes regularly. You can send them messages about festival offers and discounts. The point is to make sure that your Customers will not forget you even after they purchase on your online shop. If you have a Mobile App, you may send push notifications. If this is one way of doing, offering a personalized experience to every Customer is another good thing. You may collect their personal data like wedding anniversary and birthday and offer them a discount on their special day. If a Customer purchased a particular product, you may give them offers on related products that complements with their purchased product.  

Trust Factor

If offering personalized experience is on one side, establishing a human relationship with your Customers is also important. Provide them with good after sale customer support. You may want to ask them their feedback and review about the product and you may ask them to share their experience with the use of that product. You may also ask them if anything can be improved in your service, say for example, your delivery service.

Good Return/Exchange/Refund Policies

Also, you need to have a good return and refund policy drafted. You need to make sure that your Customers can easily return a product, if they did not like it or if they were looking for something different. Having a hassle-free return and refund policy will establish a good trust. Along with return policy, you need to have an exchange policy also, if a Customer wants to exchange the product for the same product of different variant.

Good online shopping experience

Always make sure that your eCommerce platform is up and running, fast and doesn't result in any errors during cart check out or when a Customer is fulfilling a payment process. Online user experience is one thing that needs to be always kept in mind. After all, when your Customers are shopping online instead of visiting a physical store, giving them a good experience with a smooth sail, from the product search and selection to check out and payment process is a must.

Wrapping Up

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