7 Advantages of having Multi-Language Feature on your eCommerce Website

by Admin

With the increasing competition in the eCommerce Industry, a Multi-language or Multilingual eCommerce website can help you reach out to global Customers and expand your reach to more number of countries. The feature is a must if you have to target more number of Customers for your eCommerce website and expand your Customer base, across the globe.  While, implementing this feature in your eCommerce website does not cost you much, then why not have it?

Let us understand the advantages of having Multi-language feature on eCommerce website:

Increasing International Competition: The primary reason for you should have Multi-language feature in your eCommerce website is to stay on par with the competition in the eCommerce Industry. If you do not have this in place, then you are sure to lose out on International Customers to your Competitors. Multi-language feature will get you an early mover edge with an advantage to reach out to much larger audience than your rivals. Currently, if your website is restricted to language barriers, it's high time you put your hands in getting this in place. Here's some statistics that can explain you in a better manner, to what extent language barriers can affect the business for your eCommerce website. There are dozens of largely spoken languages to consider here. Chinese has more than 1.2 billion Native Speakers, followed by hundreds of millions of people who speak Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, and Russian. These numbers can certainly give you an idea on the significance of Multi-language feature in eCommerce.  

Improving the Customers' Experience: Any Customer, belonging to any Country, would always love to be addressed in their native language. They would love to interact with someone, who talks their language. By implementing Multi-language feature, you will stand a better chance for selling your goods and services on your eCommerce website, especially in countries like China and Brazil.  Your website will be more appealing for Chinese and Brazilians, if they see your website's content in their own language. For example, if you were to establish your presence in China, the total population of this country is 1 billion. Even if your target audience is just 1 percent of them, then imagine marketing to them directly in a language that they can understand. Imagine you successfully sold your products or services to them. The same goes with Brazil too.  You will only need to find targeted audience with interests for your product and services, across the globe, from all the countries and provide valuable information to them in their own language, that they can clearly understand.

Growing your reputation globally: People often perform a thorough online research, before purchasing the product from your eCommerce website. So, if you are providing valuable content, which does not necessarily promote your product, and which can be read by Customers from all across the world, in their preferred language of choice, then, your eCommerce website will gain a good reputation,. This will also increase organic traffic from the search engines.  This will gradually help your search engine ranking on the long term.

Achieving more conversions: The greatest advantage of making your website Multi-language is that customers love to get information on your products or services in their own language. Imagine if someone came to you and tried to sell you something in Chinese. It is very unlikely that they will convert you. But, if they came and talked you in English, there is a good chance that if they are presenting a good product or service that you will buy it. The same goes for all other people worldwide; they like to talk to someone who talks their language. You have a much better chance of selling products and services in China if your website is in Chinese. You have a much better chance of selling something in Brazil if you speak Portuguese. You have a much better chance of selling something in East Africa if they see your website in Kiswahili. It costs just a little to translate your website's content in multiple languages, but the  benefits that it can offer for your eCommerce business can be enormous.

Building trust: Another advantage is that if all these new prospects actually buy from you and like your product, they will trust you. The result of that trust is that they will buy repeatedly from you. Each time they need your products or services, they don’t have to look online for a vendor. They know you and they trust you. Also, they will tell others about you.

Word of Mouth Reviews: Imagine that you sell toys for infants and you are targeting mothers in South America for instance, and a mother finds the Spanish version of  your website and buys a toy phone. She will gradually like your toys because they are gentle to touch and toxic free and she feels it is absolutely safe if her baby plays with those toys. Why should she look around anywhere else? When she meets other mothers, there is also a very good chance that if the subject of toys for infants comes up, she will mention to the other mothers that she gets great toys from your website. Just like that, you have gained new customers and your bottom line is doing better and better all the time.

Improving brand Image: Do you know why Chinese companies often hire westerners to attend their meetings as companions? They do it in order to look more professional and credible in the eyes of their own people, the Chinese partners. Helen Mancini, a CMO at Best Dissertation, explains how this works: “It’s an image booster that you can also exploit while building a multilingual website. You can hardly miss the point here—multilingual sites prove that you are running a global business, which looks outstanding in the eyes of an average customer.''

Wrapping Up

Viewing to the above mentioned advantages, the team behind Spurtcommerce have thoughtfully integrated the feature of Multi-language in their NodeJS eCommerce Solution. Developing an eCommerce website using this solution can give an edge for your eCommerce website to have Multi-language feature, helping you cater to a large audience in the international market. Write to support@spurtcommerce.com to learn more on how to easily get the Multi-language feature integrated for your eCommerce website.