5 Benefits of Social Logins in eCommerce Websites

by Admin

''About 80 Percent of the eCommerce website visitors do not like to create a separate login for each eCommerce website, where they regularly do online shopping.''

The progressive eCommerce business owners are constantly striving towards building a good social reputation to increase customer engagement with their brand, establish brand awareness and increase conversion rates.

And, the first step beings with implementing social login option to achieve this. Social logins are meant for replacing a long registration and sign up process that eCommerce visitors have to go through to enjoy online shopping on an eCommerce website. It is noted that more than 90 percent of the Customers leave the sites that require an exclusive registration and login.

The best part of social login is it is not just what eCommerce Customers love but technically, it is quite simple to implement. All it requires is just to choose a appropriate and secure tool. Most of the eCommerce business owners have evidenced the increase in site visitors, just after implementing social login. So, social logins are certainly a highly  beneficial tool and the result of it can be enjoyed to a maximum extent, if it is used by you to the fullest extent. Let's run through the benefits of having Social logins.

Social logins offer an instant sign up experience

Coming up with an exclusive user name and password, entering, name, email address and other information is a boring process for anybody. Instead of wasting time on this process, let your Customers instantly sign in with their social login and start exploring your eCommerce website. This way, you will be avoiding the potential of your Customer running away from your website due to a tedious registration process. This is more true in case of mobile users, who will find it difficult to type on smaller keyboards.

Making it as convenient as possible to your Customers is the key. Have them quickly login to your website using their social login and encourage them to spend more time in browsing your website. Even if they are first time visitors and they do not purchase anything, it still gives them a good feel that will encourage them to come back.

However, not every Customer might want to login with their social Id. Some Customers might  be skeptical that by encouraging social login, you might be accessing their social accounts. So, it is always better to have a standard registration process in place and social login as an option.

Social login increases brand engagement

Establishing long term relationship with Customers is a difficult task, especially in eCommerce business. Because, your interaction with the Customer ends, after a sale has happened. If the sale did not happen, it ends even before that. Whereas, with social login, your interaction with them will continue. Your buyers will share their shopping stories and wishlist with their friends and family.

Some of the social media enthusiasts are online 24/7 and they discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of goods and services with their social media friends. This builds reputation for the brand and creates brand awareness. It will also increase your customer base as your Customers will create awareness about your brand among their social friends. Also, customers, who have logged in to your website through social login leave more reviews on your eCommerce website, thus helping you in online reputation management (ORM).

Helps you get access to accurate customer data

 eCommerce business owners, who have enabled social login in their eCommerce websites get wider access to the customers' data. For example, the Facebook profile of a Customer will provide information on data of birth, gender, interests, and so on. Once the Customer links your store to their Facebook account, you will get to know all the details of that Customer. You may effectively use this data for marketing. This is the best possible means to extract personal information from Customers and also the more reliable information than what Customers provide in an exclusive registration process for a new account.

Excellent for Targeted Marketing

 The personal information you gather from Customers  will serve as a very good data for targeted marketing. You can segregate your Customers on the basis of age, gender, location and advertise about products separately to each set of people, based on what they are interested to buy. It will also serve as a good data for email marketing campaigns and help you reach out to the correct audience.

Customers need not remember passwords and they remember the passwords of their social accounts

 A majority of the Customers leave the website if they forget the password. They will not spend time in resetting or recovering password. Also, social media enthusiasts will never forget the passwords of their social accounts. Generally, their Gmail or Facebook will be logged in by default on their system.

Social login feature in SpurtConnect

 The Social Login feature in SpurtConnect provides e-commerce businesses with simple yet effective social login feature. This way, customers can create web store accounts via their social network profiles or link the existing ones to one or even several social networks.

Currently, the available login options include Google and Facebook. Soon, we will be incorporating other popular social logins too. You may either enable or disable social login in your eCommerce website through your admin panel. You may have it when you want and disable when you do not want it temporarily. 

To learn more, visit https://spurtcommerce.com/angularjs-shopping-ecommerce-spurtconnect