A complete walkthrough on Hyperlocal Marketplace with its Divergent Features

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Hyperlocal Marketplace – as the name goes – it is an eCommerce marketplace that caters to the needs and requirements of a limited geographical area and Hyperloal Marketplace Business. Although it needs to stick to a particular geographical location, it can serve to multiple geographical locations, with multiple vendors/sellers and service providers, who will have their target zones and serve people, who come under the purview of that particular geographical zone only. This kind of concept requires a hyperlocal marketplace platform. .

To be as simple as possible, on-demand near me is what hyperlocal is. The main reason why hyperlocal concept became popular in eCommerce Industry is due to its delivery model that focuses on quickest delivery in shortest span of time. This is where hyperlocal ecommerce solutions became popular.

Hyperlocal delivery model helps end-customers in getting their routine necessitiesfulfilled, without much of physical movement with least contact.

The model works with two main factors:


A successful hyperlocal model can deliver in shortest span of time to extended targeted areas with a good hyperlocal marketplace website. And, a hyperlocal marketplacewill need more local sellers to deliver to a large number of regions.

How it works

  • The respective sellers can sell to people in their own targeted zones.
  • They can either sell products or services or any bookings.
  • The platform owner can earn profit through commissions that they charge to the seller.

Hyper local assures fastest delivery with strict time constraints. And, this is only possible if Sellers will restrict their delivery only to people to targeted zones.

And, this on-demand delivery model works only for non-durable goods like food, grocery, dairy and bakery products, as they need to be delivered shortest span of time. It can also work excellently well for medicine delivery as people expect fast delivery of medicines too And, these can be fulfilled with a robust hyperlocal marketplace ecommerce website.

With non-durable goods delivery with hyperlocal delivery model, Customers can receive delivery in shortest span of time when the goods are still consumable and fresh.

Hyperlocal and Omni channel approach

Customers should be able to place order through multiple channels – mobile app, website or even phone or WhatsApp.

  • The device locates the current location of the Customer – Auto-detection of Customer location.
  • The device detects the sellers of the necessary services or products, services and bookings in the nearby location.
  • Only with this detection and match of the Customer location and the Seller’s targeted zone, the Customer will be able to place order from that Seller.
  • The seller gets notification when the Customer places an Order.
  • The Seller delivers the goods or services the Customer at the earliest possible.


The other means for order placing can be through phone or WhatsApp too. In case of phone or WhatsApp, the auto-detection will not be possible and it can happen through mutual conversation between seller and buyer. But this option should be available. An option for store picks up of goods should also should be available.


Different verticals for hyper local marketplace:

  • FMCG goods – Food, grocery, dairy, bakery, organic products, medicines/pharmacy
  • On-demand services – Cleaning services, carpentry services, wall mounting services, Repair services, beauty and salon services, etc.
  • On-demand booking – Doctor appointment booking, movie or cinema ticket booking, restaurant table booking, fun-ride booking, etc.
  • Pick up and drop – like Dunzo, where the delivery guy, picks up from one location and delivers to another location.


Different modes of order:

  • Simple enquiry either with form or WhatsApp message or direct phone call.
  • Also, place order online and pay online and get the ordered confirmed.
  • Book services online through a calendar.
  • Booking option through pre-defined time slots .


Modes of Payment

Both online and offline payment, pre-payment and post-payment – all the options should be available.


Other important features in Hyperlocal marketplace

  • Seller should have an option to deliver to multiple locations- if they have multiple branches in multiple areas. However, each branch or outlet should cater to the limited audience within a particular geographical location only.
  • Custom shipping rates to different locations.
  • Seller and Buyer should receive real time notifications
  • Seller profile with ratings and reviews.
  • Sellers products shown only to buyers in targeted zones.


Delivery modes for physical product deliveries

  • Either partner with third party delivery services
  • Or have own delivery people
  • Or make it omni channel with store pick up


Let us now look at some of the popular hyperlocal marketplaces in different verticals and also look into the out-of-the-box features that they have

Some of the significant features that must be there in a Hyperlocal Marketplace



This is one of the best online hyperlocal marketplace

  • Rider Location Tracking with real time in maps.
  • Advanced Payment Services
  • Promotional Codes
  • Explore restaurants
  • Track your Orders
  • Reviews and Rating management
  • Food Categories management
  • Manage Restaurants
  • Manage Food Cuisines
  • Orders management
  • Featured Restaurants
  • Payment Gateway
  • Commission management
  • Advertisement services
  • Multiple currencies and languages




  • Interactive home page with categories and products under them
  • Ongoing offers
  • Advanced search option based on groceries and stores
  • Advanced filtering options based on brand, manufacturer, price, category, colour, etc.
  • Product detail page with photos, reviews, quantity for selection, etc.
  • Grocery pick and delivery option
  • Different payment modes
  • Customer wallet
  • Active and past orders
  • Real time status of the order
  • Live map tracking with additional route and if Rider fulfilling multiple order deliveries
  • Ratings and Reviews



This is one of the best examples of a Hyperlocal services marketplace. 

Customer App

  • Customer registration with their location
  • Customer login
  • Browse listings
  • Instant booking and approval
  • Payment with payment gateway


Service Provider App

  • Service provider registration with preferred locations for servicing or radius based.
  • Listing services that can be provided by the Service provider
  • Approval of booking or acceptance to fulfil a service
  • Money transfer after deduction of commission



This is also a good example for a hyperlocal marketplace app. 

Customer App


  • Customer registration with location and login
  • Request deliveries
  • Track Drivers
  • Instant alerts via push notifications
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Invite and earn


Delivery App


  • profile setup
  • Manage availability
  • Request alerts with delivery assignment with provision to accept or reject
  • Route navigation
  • Dashboard with status of deliveries and invoice details
  • My earnings section with detailed report


Admin panel


  • Dashboard
  • Manage customers and delivery drivers
  • Sub-admins with roles and permissions
  • Track deliveries
  • Manage earnings
  • Set commissions for delivery drivers


Wrapping Up

Spurtcommerce team can help you with the development of Industry’s trending and best Hyperlocal  Marketplace Software with such avantgarde features that are listed above. If you want to build Hyperlocal Marketplace, then share your requirement to support@spurtcommerce.com