Spurtcommerce launches its Multi-Vendor eCommerce Solution, built on the latest NodeJS and Angular technologies. Multi Vendor

Spurt Connect

Spurtcommerce helps connecting you with third party services that have been tried and tested by the Spurt Team, for its compatibility with eCommerce websites

Social Connect

Currently integrated with Face book and Gmail and in future with Twitter and any other popular Social logins

Angular PWA

A trending technology and future of eCommerce, for delivering App like features

Multiple theme management

You can select among the wide range of themes like electronics store, apparel store and others

Data Migration

Easy and hassle-free data migration from your existing eCommerce website to the new 'Empowered with Spurtcommerce' website

Payment Gateway

Currently integrated with PayPal and in future, with Stripe, CC Avenue and other popular ones too

Spurt Connect

The Spurt Team has carefully tried and tested the third party services that can be integrated to eCommerce websites for a better performance. You can manage Spurt Connect functionality through your Admin Panel , where you choose to enable services you want to have in your eCommerce website and disable the ones you do not need.

Payment Gateway

Spurtcommerce is integrated with PayPal payment gateway, which is popular and well-known and has over 267 million Users with Customer accounts that includes over 21 million merchants. In future, we are planning on integrating Stripe and CC Avenue Payment Gateways that are equally popular.

Progressive Web App Feature

This is the most recent technology trend that eCommerce businesses need to adopt, in order to offer an enhanced User experience to its Customers. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) bring App like features into the eCommerce website, which can be even better than a responsive website or a mobile website.

Multiple Theme Management

Spurtcommerce is shortly coming up with Multiple themes where, you can choose from a wide range of themes, that is the best fit for your eCommerce business. Is yours a furniture store or is yours an apparel store? Or an electronics store? Whatsoever it may be, choose a theme for your eCommerce store.

Social Connect

Social logins doesn't just offer convenience of eliminating boring registration process for your eCommerce Customers. It also offers a means for growth hacking, using which you can fetch the data of social contacts of your Customers .