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Question and Answer (Community Edition)

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Last Update March 23rd 2023

Released Oct 12th 2022

Addon Version v.1.0

File Size 2MB

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Will come as an excellent feature in your eCommerce for providing clarity and more information about a product to the end-customers. The Product Question and Answer feature will help customers get complete information on a product, thus helping them to make right purchase decision. 


  • It helps in providing more information about product to let Customers know about what the product looks like, and what function it can perform.
  • This feature also allows Customers to post questions for gathering information so that they can make an appropriate decision about purchase.
  • When the plugin is installed, the Multi-Vendor eCommerce site becomes ready for Admin to post questions and answers and also for Customers to ask questions about a product.
  • At the same time, Vendors can answer the Customers' questions on their respective products.